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Empower your Insights

You are the change!

Coaching allows you

individual insights and

 self-reflection and enables you to strengthen your resources

and implement these in your own goal-oriented solutions.

Abstrakter Hintergrund

Business Coaching

Discover your strengths & use your resources

Growth, transformation and change

mean high demands on one's own adaptability

  and requiere a lot of freedom for creativity, trust and goal orientation alongside strong leadership skills.

The true value of a leader is not measured by the work they do.
A leader's true value is measured by the work they inspire others
to do.

Simon Sinek

Executive Coaching

Leading by example

Sounds like a well-known saying and yet it is more relevant than ever. As an executive leader, you are always the center of attention and your role is observed by both your employees and your superiors.

Organizational Coaching

The heart of any organization are the people within it.

Their values, goals and visions enable change.

Organizational coaching is about a holistic view on the organization, with its structures, maturity, employees, processes as well as framework conditions and goals.

Thumbs up from a happy business team excited about the success they achieve together at wo

Team Coaching

Team coaching & team building helps to start change processes and to strengthen teams

With concepts that are tailored to your team and company, essential topics such as change processes, intercultural cooperation or conflict resolution are addressed.

Abstrakter Hintergrund

Project Coaching

Shape your leadership role & ensure project success

To be successful as a project manager in this stressful field requires not only structural work and process know-how, but also creativity and excellent communication.

Abstrakter Hintergrund

Our Coaching Process

Our joint coaching process is divided into four equally important phases.


initial contact

The first meeting is about getting to know each other.

Good chemistry is a prerequisite for a successful coaching process.


topic definition

Together we define

your personal

coaching topic

and discuss,

how this is embedded in the overall coaching process.



The work takes place in our coaching sessions and especially inbetween.

Experience has shown that 5-10 sessions are requiered for this.


final interview

We look again at the most important findings and changes during the process and conclude the process together with an outlook into the future. 

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