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Project Coaching

You aspire to a position as project or program manager or take over a new team?


Then you surely know the challenges and all the questions that run through your mind.

As part of my project coaching offer, I support you with systemic coaching methods to answer all your questions.

Together we can address project-specific topics, such as clarification of mandate, goal definition, stakeholder management, project planning and modus operandi.

But even more important for success is it to shape your leadership role, especially when working with international teams and a lack of disciplinary guidance.

You also need to encourage and demand regular feedback and joint progress, and sometimes, as we all know, ad hoc creative problem solving is needed to quickly overcome a critical situation.

If you need professional but also neutral support with these complex issues, then project coaching is exactly what you need.

You have questions like:

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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

  • What is our vision?

  • How is the project embedded into the business context?

  • How should I set up the project?

  • How do I define clear and distinct project goals?

  • How do I communicate?

  • How are we going to work together as a team?

  • How do we manage conflict?

  • How do we learn?

  • Where do my personal strengths lie?

  • How do I inspire my team and my stakeholders?

  • How do I best involve my colleagues?​

Let's talk!

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