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Team Coaching

Don't we all dream of having a motivated, innovative, powerful and self-organized team or to be part of such a team?

In a complex and connected world that is subject to constant change. The way there requires time, clear roles, adaptive communication and a modern leadership style.

Values, meaning and vision play an essential role for each individual but also for the entire team. Cross-departmental or even cross-border cooperation is essential and requires mutual understanding and psychological safety.

Bad mood, conflicts or unclear communication complicate the work and the quality of the results decreases as well as employee satisfaction.

What can we do?

Team coaching in workshops helps companies, executives and human resources developers to change processes, but also to set change processes in motion and to further strengthen functioning teams.

Abstrakter Hintergrund

With concepts that are tailored to your team and that we will develop together, essential topics will be addressed.

There can be classical change processes such as  restructuring or change of leadership, but also transformation processes towards more digital or self-organized work.

Also the intercultural cooperation often poses challenges for teams, as well as stress management, conflict resolution and the organization of work.

Topics like identity, values, culture but also communication and feedback become more and more important, as they greatly increase employee satisfaction and influence employee loyalty towards the team and the company.

Team Aufgabe

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Abstrakter Hintergrund

In terms of systemic coaching, it is important to me

to promote the self-efficacy of the team.

All team members bring in their individual resources and needs

and are respected and valued.

As part of the team coaching, a common goal is defined

followed by one or more team workshops.

The team members, executives and myself

are constantly in exchange

and create a trusting environment

for sustainable and excellent cooperation.

Regular retrospectives are an important part of the process

as well as pulse checks

and a continual alignement in regards to the set goal.

Goals & formats of Team Workshops


Team Coaching

Team coaching is

compared to the other modalities a process and therefore takes longer. A long-lasting change of behavior and embedding it into daily live, mainly takes place between the team coaching workshops and the teams define and prioritize their topics and goals themselves. Team dynamics and conflict resolution are an important part of the joint work of team and coach. The coach is the driving force and responsible for the process,

the expertise lies with the team.


Team Training

Team training is about knowledge transfer

and/or the learning of certain, previously defined, capabilities.

The training period

depends on the complexity

of the curriculum and normally takes about 1-5 days.

In individual cases,

the scope of the training is also divided into different modules

of shorter length (e.g. 4x2 days).

Here, the trainers place

a clear emphasis

on knowledge transfer,

often combined

with a final performance review.


Team Building

Team building is about improving the relationships between team members.

Topics such as team dynamics or long-term conflict resolution are not dealt with or only marginally.

Depending on the concept, topics such as trust or role understanding can be learned in an artificial context.

The time required for this is usually very manageable, usually 1-2 days, and the trainers try to create

an atmosphere of fun and ease in a non-business setting.

Dr. Boris Stoffel,
Managing Director,

Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG
“Karin Irene is supporting a hugh change project within our marketing and sales organization. The implementation of new campaign teams required a lot of adaptation, alignment and stakeholder management.
Karin guided our teams through this time of uncertainty by supporting the planning and implementation, by regularly conducting team workshops and retrospectives and ensuring a constant communication towards all relevant parties."
Thomas Müller,
Head of Supply Chain,
Consumer Goods Business
"Due to the last 2 years it was important to me, together with my management team, to work on the resilience of our teams.
The resilience workshop conducted by Karin Irene made it clear to us and our teams how to react on disruptive changes faster.
It was also a clear advantage
to understand
how differently team members react in such stressful situations and how they can be better supported individually."
Gabriele Schäfer,

Tanzschule Schäfer
“After the difficult phase caused by Corona, a workshop designed and moderated by Karin Irene helped me and my team to define a common vision and to reflect on our strengths.
 Our roles in the team
are much clearer now
and everyone can contribute their strengths in a targeted manner
to expand the range
of services for our customers."

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