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Abstrakter Hintergrund

Who am I?

Like each of us I have many roles in my life.

I am a wife, mother, friend, daughter, consultant, businesswoman, coach and much more. However, what is most important to me in all these roles and in my entire life, are the people I spend time with.

Good and long-term relations are my foundation and I'm always curious to meet new people and jointly share experiences or discover new opportunities.

I always pursue my goals with a lot dedication, motivation and energy and even if the goal may seem less clear to others, I trust my feeling to be on the right way. Creative solution finding distinguishes me as well as joy in life and work.

Inspiring others and taking them along feels easy for me

and I very much enjoy it to work with teams.

The diversity of characters, the broad range of creativity within teams and also the multinationality I always value as an asset. With mutual trust and one common vision cooperation and joint success is something amazing that I love to celebrate with everyone involved.

For me there are no wrong decisions in life, just the certainty that "I can change it" if I like. I belive that after closing a door a new one well appear somewhere else.

some of my roles...













Abstrakter Hintergrund

What can you
expect from me?


You are in the focus

whether as an individual, team or organization.

I want to accompany you, to solve current problems or conflicts, to further develop teams and projects or as your personal sparring partner.

In addition to my in-depth training as aICF-certified

systemic coach I'll bring many years of experience in the area of leadership & team management in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to various leadership roles in sales & marketing I've been in international leadership roles for different businesses and worked as a managing director.

My coaching is therefore optionally conducted in English or German, face-to-face or digital (MS Teams, Zoom, Skype). Phone check-in´s with clients are often a usefull addition.

I cordially invite you to a first non-binding conversation!


Each of us, no matter how satisfied or successful,

has experienced setbacks and defeats in his life,

went through conflicts and realized

that certain skills are not among his strengths.

The reflection of these events

and the related learning about yourself,

is an important resource for the future and influences our actions.

Nobody is perfect and you should talk openly about it at all times.

Therefore, below you will find a small excerpt from my business CV,

and in my CV of failure* you will also find relevant points

that did not work out in my life.

 *inspired by Professor Johannes Haushofer, Princeton University,

who published his CV of Failure a few years ago.

Abstrakter Hintergrund

short business CV

Sales & marketing manager at Serotec Ltd., Oxfordshire, UK

Authorized signatory & Managing Director at MorphoSys AbD GmbH

Business Segment Manager and Head of

Global Marketing at Miltenyi Biotec BV

A detailed overview of my professional career can be found here:


short CV of failure

I actually wanted to study biochemistry, but didn't get a place.

I abandoned my PhD after only 6 months.

During an important business presentation, my nerves and voice failed completely.

I worked a long time for a company its values I could not represent.

and much more ...

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