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Executive Coaching

You currently feel confronted with a problem not getting any further, you want to change things or shortly move into an executive role for the first time and suspect that a lot of new things are coming your way?

Then this is the right time for executive coaching, which is always geared to your needs and can be conducted optionally face-to-face or online.

Growth, transformation & change mean high demands on adaptability of executives, employees and teams. Many companies and projects are develop with a high dynamic, which requires changeable structures and self-organized teams. All the more it takes leadershipspace for creativity, trust, conflict management and reflection to actively shape the constant change.

One's own goals and needs must become clear, but it´s essentiell to especially recognizing and understanding those of others in order to embark on one's own path.

You have questions like:

  • How do I lead an international team?

  • How do I lead teams in the field of tension between virtual & personal?

  • Where do I give freedom and at what point do we need clarity and boundaries?

  • How am I perceived and how do I want to be perceived?

  • How do I interact with colleagues, team members and superiors?

  • What roles do I play and how does this fit with my strengths?

  • Does my job fit my personal value system?

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Leadership is about empathy.
It's about having the ability to relate and connect with people
for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.

Oprah Winfrey

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You'll take over 
a big program soon
or start a change project?

An accompanying Project Coaching can support you to keep an eye on and control the complex aspects, stakeholders and communication channels.

You as well as the project team and the project goal are in the focus and are key to project success.

Abstrakter Hintergrund

Changes put you under stress?

Resilience coaching can help you.

Dr. Stefanie Heinemann,
Managing Director, classmarkets GmbH
"As part of
of conflict coaching,
Karin Irene supported me for several sessions.
It helped me
to look at the situation
from a distance,
to analyze
and to develop a constructive solution."
Dr. Cristina Nazarov,
Group Leader,
Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG
“My leadership coaching with Karin Irene was extremely positive.
She helped me gain clarity about my strengths and personal development needs, while creating
a safe environment to explore honestly some of my previous career experiences.
With Karin's guidance I quickly realized that I could make a bigger impact in a different role, and my employer fully supported my decision.
Karin is insightful, practical, intuitive and I would recommend her to anyone looking to transform their career and getting closer to their goals.
Lena Thomas,
“Karin Irene supported me after taking over my team
to grow into my leadership role
and to successfully structure the multi-disciplinary team with employees at different locations.
Since then, the cooperation and cohesion within the team has steadily improved,
and in particular the development of a common vision
helped us a lot."

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